Youth Resilience Support

The Civilc society landscape is evolving very now and then. The donor enviroment is shrinking, young people across africa and world over are starting organisations,  but sustainability remians a major concern. Goverenment across regions are necating laws and policies limikting and contricting civic space and ypouth organisations and idnivdial human rights defenders are major victims. Matters of CSO accountability, legitimacy and transparancy are among others affecting young people's access to resources yet young people's capacity to put in places sytems that can foster sustainbility, klegitimcay and accountability is lacking in most situtaions. The Youth Resilience support intitiative is geared towards enhancing the capacity of youth and their organisations to stay relevnat amid crisis, enhance their leadership skills, enhnace corporate goverannce and organisational development among others through training, access to small micro grants and networks among others.