About us

Transformative Leaders Network - Africa (TRANET-AFRICA) is a youth led / focused network organization fostering young people’s participation in socio-economic processes with core focus on human rights.TRANET-AFRICA is registered as a not for profit organisation under the laws of Uganda.

Founded in 2008 as a loose association of young people who were passionate about human rights, gender, womens rights, leadership, goverannce and anti- corruption among others; In 2016, member of TRANET -Africa adopted a resolution to ammend the Constitution to restructure and rebrand the organisation. The resolution has led to the organisation expanding its network to beyond the Borders of Uganda and East Africa.

The organisation was formed with a VISION of "A society where the Leadership upholds the ideals of Social Justice and Gender Equality" and MISSION "to build a strong cadre of young leaders who cherish and uphold the ideals of social justice and gender equality through research, capacity building, advocacy and networking."

Todate the Network boasts of over 10 youthled orgabisations in Uganda and about 5 in the East African Community. This number is projected to expand rapidly as the secretariat puts in more effort to strenthen the networks.