Organisational Structure

The Transformative Leaders Network - Africa (TRANET-AFRICA) has a well established Organisational Structure that allows the organisation to function and hold each respective structure in check. At the helm of the Organisation is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which seats annually at the end of every financial/ calender year of TRANET- Africa. The AGM is comprised of individuals and organisational Members. The AGM elects the Board of Directors and is resposbile for approving and or rejecting proposals and or ammendments by the Board of Directors.

Below the AGM is the Board of Directors that seats atleast three times a year or as there are presing issues that require the attention of the Board. The Board plays a big role in appointing the Head of Secretariat and provding guiadance to the secretariat team. to understand more about out Board of Directors, please download the Board of Directors Manual Here

Below the Board of Directors is the Secretariat headed by the Coordinator who overseas the Secretariat Staff. The Head of Secretariat together with the Secretariat team work day to day to ensure that the mandate and or the set objectives of the Network are achieved.