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The Youth Cross Exchange Programme

The Youth Cross Exchange Programme is an initiative where the Transformative Leaders Network- Africa works to provide temporary relocation to human rights defenders at risk. Participating organizations to the programme can identify, refer and or recommend a staff, a member of their organization/ network/ coalition and or an HRD who may not be a member for temporary relocation either in a .../Read More.

Youth Digital Security Strengthening Programme

The Youth Digital Security Strenthening Programme is part of the Youth Human Rights Defenders Programme meant to help youth organisations and or individual Youth Human Rights Defenders with real time and emergency digital security in case of an attack that has happened and or likely to happen. This programme also seeks to support vulnarbale youth human rights organisations with web hosting, .../Read More.

Latest News & Updates

Civil society organizations in Africa have petitioned the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU) on the worrying situation of the Eritrean refugees in the Tigray Region. The petition was submitted by the Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR) and the Transformative Leaders Network – Africa (TRANET-Africa).

The key demands in the petition among others are that; Eritrean refugees are protected in line with international law and are immediately evacuated from the Tigray region, an end to imprisonment, forced disappearance and abductions of Eritrean refugees to Eritrea, Eritrean refugees are given humanitarian assistance and protection as a matter of urgency, Immediate humanitarian assistance inside Eritrea is provided as there is starvation inside the... .../Read More.

TRANET-AFRICA has today the 10th of May 2019 launched the report documenting the situation of youth Human Rights Defenders throughout the year 2019. The Report, titled “AFRICAN YOUTH DEFENDERS PERSPECTIVES 2019, FROM RHETORIC TO ACTION” is a documentation of the circumstances surrounding youth human rights defenders across the continent in the year 2019. The Report is the first of its kind and meant to be published annually.

The report captures data from various countries across the continent and shows that youth human rights defenders vary in nature ranging from their age, working directly and or for young people and or organizations being founded/led by young people. The age definitions adopted vary from the African Youth Chatter 2006, the United Nations and the... .../Read More.

The world is currently in global lock down. In many countries across the Sub- Saharan Africa, governments have put in measures to curb teh virus. Much as well inteioned, human rights violations are at the worst in some of teh countries, Human rights defenders at teh forefront are at inc reased risk and especially young rights defenders with limited or no access to funding are funding it even most difficult to advance human rights due to many limitation that could be mitigated by small amounts of funding. Taking that into consideration, we have launched a campaign: “save lives, preserve human rights” meant to mobilise funds to faciliate the work of young rights defenders working under difficulty in theecurrent state of COVID-19 to save lives but... .../Read More.

Applications currently not accepted.

  • Emergency fund launched to support local, young human rights defenders targeting $500,000 in global commitments
  • Governments, foundations, companies and individuals urged to contribute additional funds
  • The fund is part of TRANET-Africa’s “Save lives, Preserve Human Rights!” campaign to help rights defenders to operate through COVID pandemic and beyond.

TRANET-Africa today launches a rapid response fund to help small, local young human rights defenders, bloggers and writers using innovative ways to uphold human rights, hold government accountable, and sensitize their communities on how to stay safe during this... .../Read More.

On the 12th of August 2016, TRANET africa together with the Youth Consortium on Labour Justice launched the Campaign dubbed, "Return Enslaved Ugandan Girls" whose major aim was to among others create awareness about teh ills of unregulated labour export, seek for justice for teh affected persosn, dmena nd government to repartatriate the stranded girls and to demand gorbemnet to make policy and legal refroms and enact a law to regulate and streamline labour export in uganda.

At the launch, we issued a press statement. InSummary, we note and acknowledge the effort that government through its different agencies has put in place to combat human trafficking, create jobs, and create favorable and friendly working conditions and environments for the Ugandans domestically and abroad.... .../Read More.

About the FOWODE Young Leaders Alumni Association (FYLAA)

FOWODE Young Leaders Alumni Association (FYLAA) is a nonprofit, non-partisan youth led Association that grew out of Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE)’s Leadership Building Initiative (LBI) that has, since 2004, trained and equipped young people from different parts of Uganda to promote alternative and transformative leadership in their communities of origin, residence and work.

In 2008, FOWODE’s LBI alumni came together and formed an Association known as the FOWODE Young Leaders Alumni Association (FYLAA) with a vision of a society where the leadership upholds the ideals of social justice and gender equality and set out on a mission to build a strong cadre of young leaders who promote gender equality and social... .../Read More.

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