Youth Digital Security Strengthening Programme

The Youth Digital Security Strenthening Programme is part of the Youth Human Rights Defenders Programme meant to help youth organisations and or individual Youth Human Rights Defenders with real time and emergency digital security in case of an attack that has happened and or likely to happen.

This programme also seeks to support vulnarbale youth human rights organisations with web hosting, replcament of lost items, secure internet connections among others. Vulnarable organisations are those that could be a target by state actors and or hackers as aresult of their humanrigjhts work.

Vulnarbale and or under threat individual youth human rights defenders and or Youth Human rights organisations that has faced serious digital/ online security problems and or challanges and those that suspect or forsee an impending attack can apply by either downloading the form and sending it to and or fill the online form and the HRD protection team will get back to them.