The Cross Exchange Programme for Civil Society Organisations and Human Rights Defenders

The Cross Exchange Programme is an initiative of the  Transformative Leaders Network- Africa to provide Civil Society Leaders and Human rights defenders especially social justice defenders with opportunity to build their capacities and temporarily relocate to secure and conducive enviroment for tyhose at most risk and in need of some rest from the psychosocial traumas of their legitimate frontline work. Participating organizations to the programme can identify, refer and or recommend a staff, a member of their organization/ network/ coalition and or an HRD who may not be a member for temporary relocation either in a different community within his/her country and or out of the country to another partner organization in the Programme.

The Programme is a six weeks fellowship for enhancing the capacities and resilience of civil society organisations with critical focus on youth Through this proramme, Youth HRDs are placed in host organizations depending on their security context, needs and the capacity of the host organization where they serve either as volunteers, interns and or experts providing service to the host organization, but also learning and getting exposed to various human rights issues.




  • The Cross Exchange Programme is eligible to organizations and individual youth human rights defenders
  • Individual youth fostering human rights,
  • Applicants may OR may not be affiliated to TRANET Abut are not in any way affiliated to
  • HRDs that have benefited from other human rights defenders protection mechanisms are not eligible
  • The Human Rights Defender must be at risk
  • The potential applicant must be between the ages of 15 and 35
  • He/ she must meet the criteria as defined in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and should be promoting human rights as provided in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and Freedoms.
  • He/she must be facing, is facing/ have faced and or have been exposed to risks/threats as a result of his/ her work
  • The applicant has explored and exhausted other protection mechanisms and temporary relocation is the last resort.
  • The human rights defender has dully filled the Youth Cross Exchange intake form
  • The human rights defender  must not be actively and or directly involved be in politics \
  • The applicant must not be involved in promoting violence
  • Applicants can be from any part of Africa, but preference shall be given to countries where human rights violations are on the high
  • On exceptional circumstances, we may consider applications from countries out of Africa.


Edibility for Organizations

  • Applicants can be from any part of Africa, but preferably from countries that have had a good record of promoting and respecting human rights.
  • The potential host organization should have basic security systems and infrastructure in term of secure internet connections, secure physical environment
  • Organizations can apply to be a partner host organization in the Cross Exchange Programme and or submit an application on behalf of one of their staff who is at risk and needs time to regain and reflect and stay away from the frontline.
  • The organization must be a youth led and youth focused
  • Potential partner host organization should fill Partner Assessment Form and provide details of all the required information
  • The potential partner must be a youth led organization implementing human rights, governance, accountability, social justice and or civic space widening related programmes
  • The applicant organization must not be involved in promoting violence
  • The applicant organization should be able to provide some modest kind of support to the HRD at risk


  • If individual and organization is applying on behalf of an individual, download the individual application form and provide the necessary information
  • If organization, fill the organization assessment form and provide all the required information
  • Dully filled in intake forms should be sent by email to
  • Applicant should supply evidences of threats, attacks, intimidation, blackmail, torture,
  • Once the applications are verified, TRANET- Africa will among its partner host organizations
  • Identify depending on the needs and security context of the HRD which organization can host that specific HRD.
  • Once admitted to the programme, the HRD at the end of the relocation (Fellowship) shall develop a detailed report narrative
  • TRANET Africa shall supply the report format. Report Formats may not be the same for all HRDs, but depending on the relocation context.

To apply as an individual Human Rights Defender, Click here

To apply as an organisation, click here