About the Digital Hub

The TRANET-AFRICA Digital Hub is a one stop point for digital security and rights matters with a core aim of supporting and helping youth led and youth focused organisations in their diverse nature with real time digital security training, foster digital and online freedom of speech and expression, access to information, research, support among others. The HUB is Designed to among others help vulnaurable youth organisations with probono website design, development and hosting among others. The programme is premised on the fact that young people are the majority in the use of digital and online platforms for communications and advocacy, awareness raising among others. Most youth organisations are involved in issues of advocacy, human rights, accountability, transparancy among others and hence pose a threat to the information and how they store their information.

The HUB provides youth HRds and Youth Human Rights organisations with all the necessary support and real time emergecny support in regard to security matters of individual HRDs or Youth organisations.

The Hub is also designed to enhance access to information especially on human rights, accountability, governance, freedom of speech and assembly among others by the Rural Communities through online and digital media monitoring and information sharing Centre