Full positive mental growth and development can be achieved when people have and control certain vital resources such as land. The Environment is critical in enabling young people in being an importnat part of society. In societies where young people and not meaningfully ennaged in socioe- economic proceeses, there is a high likelihood of lawleness and crime.

Recognising that traditional procesess as well as legal still undermine young people's effective utilisation of the environment and in regard to limited access to employmnet opportunties, and taking into consieration the dnagerious working enviroments for Young Workers, TRANET- Africa has been persuing policy matters to address labour and or workers rights in Uganda.

In August 2016, through the Youth Consortium on Labour Justice, TRANET launcvhed a campaing, dubbed, "return Ensalved Ugandan Girls" with the aim of creating awareness about the ills of labour Export, the dangerious life migrant labourers are living in host countries and push govermnet to enact a legislation to protect and safeguard young migrant workers.

TRANET- Africa has also worked to document issues of corruption in government youth related programmes that characterise them into a life of misery as a result of corruption tendancies of govermnet officials while expendiog such programme. We are glad that key changes have been made to the implemention procedure of such related programmes as a result of such advocacy.