TRANET- Africa has in the past been and continues to be a leading youth organisation in creating platforms for young people in and beyond the East and Horn of Africa to equally and meaningfully particpate in and benefit from leadership, governance, accountability and social justice processes. This programme recognises that young people are disadvantaged in various ways by virtue of their age and social standing in society, but also very important in terms of numbers to enhance sustainable development. TRANET has and continues to create spaces for young people to influenmce and participate in tax and budgetary processes as a way to be responsible and contribute to the development of their countries. 

Therefore this programme aims at enhancing the capacities of young people and nurture them into essentail leaders in society, but also ensure that they are not left out from socila justice proceses that are critical in enabling them attain justice and hold their duty bearers in check so as to enhnace effective service delivery for the benefit of teh wider society.

Through the programme, TRANET- Africa works in nurturing the potentials of student leaders in Secondary Schools, Colleges and Institutions of Higher Learning. Intertwined with the Youth Human Rights Defenders Programme, TRANET orginsers Annual Extraordinary Leaders Summit that brings together elected student leaders, Student Human Rights  Defenders among others to invigorate leadership and human rights issues, network, learn and enagage duty bearers so as to devise solutions suitable fpor the meaningful and inclsuive learning communities but aslo to act a a nurturing platform for young leaders beyond the institution of learning. For more information, kindly visit the Summit Website