Human Rights Defenders Programme

Young rights defenders as well as peace builders across teh globe face amyriad of protection challanges. In Africa due to governance challanges and long known history of wars, civil unrest as well as poilitcal tensions, young people are both victims and benefactors of violence, torture, harrasment among others especially in times of wars and elections. Therefore, TRANET-Africa found it worthwhile to have an exclusive Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) Programme. The Youth HRD Programme is the flagship Programme of the Transformative Leaders Network - Africa. In close working relation with international and local Human rights organisations, TRANET africa continues to build and strenthen networks of Youth Human Rights Defenders organisations and individuals in Uganda, East Africa and at the Continental Level.

Through the Youth Human Rights Defenders Programme, TRANET- Africa has establsihed a local temporary relocation platform for Youth Human Rights Defenders at risk as a result of their human rights work. This initiave is implemeneted under the sub component, Youth Cross Exchnage Programme,  LOcal Fellowship programme where TRANET- Africa works with youthled and youth focused orgabisations in Uganda and other countries in East - Africa to provide cost effective chnage of envrioment for Youth HRDs at risk as a result of their frontline work.

Through the programme,. TRANET understands that due to the evolcing political, civic and economic and social ;and scapes in most parts of Africa, Young people by virture of their position in society are at risk. Therefore the programme further seeks to support young people thrpouhg digital security strenetheing for their organisations and individual Human rights Defenders.

Network Strentehing, TRANET currently hosts and plays a critical role in building and strenthening  the Pan- African Youth Human Rights Defenders Network so as to enhnace safety, easy monitoring and identification of Youth Human Rights Defenders at risk at local, national, regional and continental levels but also to foster high level advocacy at Regional Economic Blocs, and at the African Union Level.

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