Civil Society Strengthening , Resourcing and Philantrophy

The Civil society landscape is evolving very now and then. The donor environment is shrinking, many organisations are sprouting every now and then to respond to emerging and diverse societal needs and challenges, yet sustainability and the operating environment is a major concern. Government across regions are enacting laws and policies limiting and constricting civic space and organisations and individual human rights/social justice defenders are major victims. Matters of CSO accountability, legitimacy and transparency are among others affecting affecting access to resources yet young people's capacity to put in places systems that can foster sustainability, legitimacy and accountability is lacking in most situations. This programme therefore employs an intertwined and multifaceted  approach to fostering a resilient civil society organisations through deepening research on the operating environment, enhancing capacities of vulnarable and needy CSOs as well as fostering access to resources and localy giving/ philantrophy for sustainability of the sector.

Through the programme, we deepen solidarity with the sector actors by fostering a positive narrative to counter the ever rising negative narrative about the sector from bot State and Non-State actors. Civil society across Africa is face unprecedented pressure from repressive regimes and it is notable that many civil society organsiations lack the capacity to push back against shrinking civic space. TRANET- Africa nurtures and fosters proceseses that widen civic space among others and bring together sector actors to engage with duty bearers to reinvigorate the role of CSOs in fostering socio-economic development and the government as duty bearers.