The TRANET-Africa is pleased to announce that they have unveiled the TRANET-Africa Watch…a publication dedicated to highlighting the work, impact and success of TRANET-Africa and documenting human rights, social justice, civil society and civic space issues across Africa. Specifically, the TRANET-Africa watch will follow regular occurrences at the African Union, Regional Economic Blocks (RECs) and at country levels across Africa.

Among other critical issues of the TRANET-Africa Watch are to profile African social justice defenders doing great work and highlight their work, create awareness about the works of young people who are hardly recognized in the frontlines of social justice and widening civic space and a platform for young people to tell their stories of struggles at the frontlines in Africa among others.

This inaugural edition is dedicated to specifically highlighting the impact, progress and the future plans of the organization. In this inaugural edition therefore, you will find information about the call to action where we are calling on well-wishers, partners and donors among others to support our work and organizations as well as individuals to become members. This document give s brief summary of benefits of being a member of TRANET-Africa ranging from access to capacity building opportunities, networking, call for proposal and other opportunities.

In the her message, the Chairperson Board of Directors acknowledges the tireless efforts of the secretariat team despite the challenging times and thanks the AGM for nominating her to the board and later being elected to the position of chair by those nominated to the board.

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank the secretariat for their endless sacrifices that they continue make on a day to day basis for the sake of the institution. I, in a very special way would like to thank Mr. Ekakoro Fredrick Etoori for his tireless efforts. We will continue to rely on his able leadership to take TRANET-Africa to the next level as we seek to continue implementing our strategic plan 2020-2030.” Part of her message reads.

The Executive Director, Ekakoro Fredrick Etoori is convinced that this initiative is a big step towards the enhancing of communications within and outside the organization especially with our allies, partners, members, the general public and the donors among others.

“We have had a challenge with conveying our successes, aspirations and key initiatives. However, with the invention of the TRANET-Africa, we are glad we will be ensuring constant communications with our partners, allies and members among others” Ekakoro Fredrick observed.

In this inaugural edition of the TRANET-Africa Watch, you will find a forward from the Chairperson Board of Directors and the Executive Director. The ED gives an overview of what the organization has gone through from the time of inception to where we are today. He ends by calling on partners to support the work of the organization.  

As you continue to read, you will find information about TRANET-Africa at a glance where we provide an overview of TRANET-Africa’s impact in terms of training, research and advocacy, protection and temporary relocation of human rights defenders at risk, details of the undertakings of TRANET-Africa in the last five years, brief about the strategic plan 2020-2030, communications about TRANET-Africa in the media and social media, challenges, lessons learnt, future plans and pictorial section” his message reads in part.

To download and or view the PDF version of the inaugural edition of the TRANET-AFRICA Watch, kindly click this link