About the FOWODE Young Leaders Alumni Association (FYLAA)

FOWODE Young Leaders Alumni Association (FYLAA) is a nonprofit, non-partisan youth led Association that grew out of Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE)’s Leadership Building Initiative (LBI) that has, since 2004, trained and equipped young people from different parts of Uganda to promote alternative and transformative leadership in their communities of origin, residence and work.

In 2008, FOWODE’s LBI alumni came together and formed an Association known as the FOWODE Young Leaders Alumni Association (FYLAA) with a vision of a society where the leadership upholds the ideals of social justice and gender equality and set out on a mission to build a strong cadre of young leaders who promote gender equality and social justice through capacity building, advocacy, net-working and research.

The formation of FYLAA lay heavily on the ground that Uganda has a deficiency of constructive leadership. The need for alternative and transformative leadership in addition to the prior argument significantly informed the basis for FYLAA’s emergence and the need to offer alternative and transformative leadership. FYLAA continues to be a major stakeholder in the transformation of Uganda through proliferation of young leaders who are the mantle of Uganda’s social economic development.

The need for policy reforms further informs FYLAA’s need to engage actively and be counted in the much desired change through dialogue, negotiations and offering alternative, but constructive solutions and policies.

FYLAA has, since her establishment, set out to spread the gospel of alternative and transformative leadership, Gender equality, and social justice including empowering youth especially young women to take up entrepreneurship and leadership roles in society. FYLAA is currently actively engaged in democracy, governance, accountability, entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, civic education, sensitization, leadership advocacy and charity activities.

Additionally, FYLAA has actively engaged in activities that promote pro-poor values and among these are conducting school outreaches, University dialogues and debates, raising awareness about leadership crises and the need for social transformation, community mobilization and sensitization, radio and television talk shows, organizing conferences on leadership and good governance as well as engaging in peaceful demonstrations.

Currently, FYLAA comprises of over 380 young men and women who are engaged in vantage positions of leadership and management in their places of work, community of origin and residence, nationally and internationally. Some of the members of the Association have taken to contest for political leadership positions country wide from local, regional and national levels while others have and continue to found companies, private businesses and none governmental organizations.


The current job market is not only unpredictable, but also unstable. Despite the fact that some young people are able to find jobs and despite the fact that liberalization of the economy has led to an increase in the number of jobs and enterprises created, a good number of people however employed are at a risk of losing their jobs. Most of these employees operate without valid contracts and appointment letters hence making their existence in those agencies lie at the mercy of the managers or the owners hence cane easily lead to loss of a job.

Sudden loss of jobs is frustrating...causes a lot of psychological torture as a result of stress, leads to domestic and gender based violence among married and dating couples, murder and conflict among others. All these happen because employees in most situations do not plan for their money or potential exit from jobs without proper plans or without preparing for the exit.

Research also shows that people especially young ones live luxurious lives and for those who are lucky to be in formal or informal employment, by the 10th day of the month, they are living without any penny at hand. Most of them resort to borrowing which leads to increased debts. Some people have lost valuable property to private money lenders due to inability to manage their finances as a result of poor or lack of financial planning and management skills and principles.

Research also tends to reveal that financial challenges affect young girls who tend to lead very expensive lives yet they earn less. Some of them are unemployed but want to lead expensive lives. Most girls if they are lucky to get jobs are at a risk of being expelled from jobs if the bosses are likely to be a man who demands for sexual fantasy as security for the job. Attempts to reject the advances of such people lead them to be terminated from work.

In lieu of the above challenges among others, FYLAA attempts to organize capacity building workshops and conferences for its members. As the FOWODE Young Leaders Alumni Association, we note that this is an alarming gender sensitive situation that needs to be averted and hence have opened it up for none members as well. With all these predicaments, young people have little or no knowledge of financial matters on how to prepare for loss of a job and how to handle their resources in the course of the job and after the job.

As part of our economic empowerment programme we would like to stage a Financial Literacy Conference under the theme, “Where there is no job, how to manage your finances and prepare for the future” with the aim of to equipping youthful employees, high school leavers, campus leavers and the general public with skills on how to plan for and manage resources and plan for loss of/ exit from jobs and how to deal with the consequences of job loss.


·         To equip participants with skills and knowledge in strategic planning and goal setting  (visioning, identifying what to venture in, what course their life should take, how they can achieve their plans among others) ,

·         To equip participants with skills in Self-help and personal development (self-awareness, analysis and evaluation),

·         To empower participants with knowledge in financial planning, management and principles (to equip participants with financial literacy and management skills)

·         Enhance the capacity of employees on preparing for loss of/potential exit from a job, financial management skills during and after loss of a job

·         To equip participants on how to recover from loss of a job and to enlighten participants on the investments options that they can explore among others


The conference shall take place on Saturday the 14th may 2016 at the FYLAA secretariat (FOWODE) on plot 15 Vubya Close Ntinda-Nakawa Road, Kampala Uganda


Subscribed members of the FOWODE Young Leaders Alumni Association (FYLAA) shall not pay registration fee. None subscribed members and the general public shall pay 35,000 Uganda shillings only inclusive of meals and refreshments.


Participants are required to register by close of business on Friday the 13th may 2016. However, those who may not be able to register by 13th may 2016 can pay at the entrance to the conference venue on the day of the conference.


Interested participants should book their place in time by calling our finance officer on +256783121155 (MOBILE MONEY NUMBER) or alternatively by calling +256755229518 or by email on .