Joint Press Statement issued at the launch of the "Return Enslaved Ugandan Girls" Campaign

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 19:00 to 23:00

On the 12th of August 2016, TRANET africa together with the Youth Consortium on Labour Justice launched the Campaign dubbed, "Return Enslaved Ugandan Girls" whose major aim was to among others create awareness about teh ills of unregulated labour export, seek for justice for teh affected persosn, dmena nd government to repartatriate the stranded girls and to demand gorbemnet to make policy and legal refroms and enact a law to regulate and streamline labour export in uganda.

At the launch, we issued a press statement. InSummary, we note and acknowledge the effort that government through its different agencies has put in place to combat human trafficking, create jobs, and create favorable and friendly working conditions and environments for the Ugandans domestically and abroad. Specifically we would like to applaud the government upon halting the process of exportation of workers to United Arab Emirates, Dubai among others. This shows commitment to ending the life-threatening situation at hand.

We do appreciate the recent government programmes such as the Youth Livelihoods Programme and the recently introduced Women’s Enterprise Fund. Whereas the Youth Livelihoods Program has its flaws, we are hopeful that if reviewed and key changes to the program made, it shall go a long way in boosting youth startups and investments.

However, despite all the steps that government has taken to avert this situation, we are concerned that it is slow and taking long to save the lives of many Ugandans whose lives are at a mess.  We are particularly concerned about the nature and quality of jobs created by the private sector especially the multinational companies and the foreigners who assume most of the positions in those companies majorly at managerial and supervisory levels leaving out Ugandans who are qualified. This is not only discriminatory, but also a major contributing factor to unemployment and underemployment and also makes us questions if there is compliance with certain labour and employment laws in the country.

To get the full Joint Statement, kindly click on the following link and to download the POSITION AND POLICY BRIEF, kindly click here